Attention all art & jewelry loving dogs…

There is a popular quote attributed to photo journalists and street photographers–“F/8 and be there!”

There is some truth to this photo aphorism but I would add that it helps to be aided by the Gods of Serendipity.

For example…

Recently I was walking around the Sonoma Plaza and a window sign caught my attention…

Jewelry Loving Dogs Welcome

Jewelry Loving Dogs Welcome

What really gave the sign a special meaning is when I turned to capture the following scene…

Jewelry Loving Dogs Welcome

Jewelry Loving Dogs Welcome

New Vineyard…Just outside Petaluma!

On Ely Road South at Browns Lane, over 300 acres are being manicured for a new vineyard just outside the city limits and the urban growth boundary. Tractors and crews are in full swing on a project challenging to behold with the eye or camera.

When I first saw it, I wondered about the source of the irrigation water for such a large project.

As it happens, the vineyards will be irrigated with recycled, treated wastewater from Petaluma.  This is just another step in the trend to use reclaimed water for agriculture in Sonoma County.

But enough words. I’ll let the photos tell the story…

To give a sense of the size, I created this panoramic view by stitching together three wide angle photos. © Frank Simpson


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CornerStone Sonoma…whimsical landscapes, gardens and shops

Frances RIvetti’s March article about Cornerstone Sonoma (Click on>>Inspirational Gardens of the World’s Finest Landscape Artists and Designers – Cornerstone, Sonoma) inspired me to make another visit to check out Cornerstone for new photo ops.

Of course, there were changes since my last visit in 2010. Alas, the Blue Tree is no longer there and my only memory of it is documented in What the…??? A Blue Tree!!! 

But the spirit continues to operate in full force…


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What the…??? A Blue Tree!!!

Cornerstone Sonoma , Hwy 121 in Sonoma County contains many interesting stores and gardens–A place certainly worthy of a few hours of your time.  However, I will not feature photos of the gardens in this post. 

Except for the Blue Tree…

The Blue Tree (illusion?) was designed and created by Claude Cormier of Montreal, Canada. The method–stringing over 17,000 plastic balls on a dead tree.

For a sense of scale…