Community Bulletin Board…Up Close & Macro!

The community bulletin board in Point Reyes Station, CA is a source of local advertising, announcements, and…messages. The postings change regularly, not unlike the tides of the ocean.

Point Reyes Station Community Bulletin & Message Board

Point Reyes Station Community Bulletin & Message Board

For this submission I offer a photo gallery of close up views of the board focusing on the pins and staples from previous postings.


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11 Photos for 11 11 11 Plus A Challenge

 To mark the Triple 11 day of 11-11-11, I posted a slideshow of 11 photos documenting scenes from Petaluma and Point Reyes Station at the end of this article. 

 I have selected three of the Petaluma photos from the slideshow for a “charity” challenge of sorts and posted them individually.

If you can correctly identify the scenes in any or all of the following three photos, send your answer to by November 15, 2011.

For each correct answer, I will donate $.22 (11 times 2)  each to COTS, Rebuilding Together Petaluma, The Petaluma Library, and the Petaluma Animal Shelter.


Photo #1


Photo #2

WHERE IS IT? WHAT IS IT? (Click to Enlarge)

 Photo #3

WHERE IS IT? WHAT IS IT? (Click to Enlarge)

 Answers will be posted here on November 17, 2011!


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It came out of the mist…

A photo exercise in perspectives and light…perhaps also an exercise in perception?

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  • The metal fins or sails (The Mysterious Craft) are part of the fountain at the waterfront in Tiburon, CA. 
  • The “emerging life forms” are from the Community Garden at Point Reyes Station, CA.
  • The yellow blossom and pumpkin are from the St. James Community Garden, Petaluma, CA
  • All photos were off the camera with only minor adjustments in contrast. In addition, the first photo from Point Reyes Station was partially cropped at the bottom to remove objects on the horizon.