Tasting Petaluma…

Recently, I was invited to a preview tour of some of the eateries and restaurants participating in the upcoming Taste of Petaluma to he held on August 27, 2011.

Now I am not one experienced in the art of food writing–frankly, I thought they confused me with someone else when extending the invitation. 

So I went. 

Now, I am not going to attempt to describe the various offerings, and I certainly will not name any of the establishments except to say that they were all very hospitable, not to mention enjoyable. I can report that there are two that I will definitely go back to…which, I suppose is the overall purpose of the main event on August 27th.

Of course I took a camera and made several photos. One series focused on the table…and hands. I could not resist playing with them and creating a few collages and composites.  Think of it as an exercise in photo illustration.

© Frank Simpson


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