Last Post…for a time

Regrouping at the moment but I will make one last submission for 2018.  A few of my recent favorites for your consideration.

Insofar as next year is concerned, I have not yet decided.  But enjoy these for now!!


Balancing Act–Putnam Plaza Petaluma

Water St. Petaluma

Street Busker, Petaluma CA

Petaluma Pete–Petaluma’s Piano Man

Petaluma Pete Piano

Scenes From Our Gardens

Images From Our Gardens

Images From Our Gardens

Images From Our Gardens

Healdsburg Scenes

Healdsburg Wine Country

Copperfield’s Store Cat–Healdsburg

New Vineyard…Just outside Petaluma!

On Ely Road South at Browns Lane, over 300 acres are being manicured for a new vineyard just outside the city limits and the urban growth boundary. Tractors and crews are in full swing on a project challenging to behold with the eye or camera.

When I first saw it, I wondered about the source of the irrigation water for such a large project.

As it happens, the vineyards will be irrigated with recycled, treated wastewater from Petaluma.  This is just another step in the trend to use reclaimed water for agriculture in Sonoma County.

But enough words. I’ll let the photos tell the story…

To give a sense of the size, I created this panoramic view by stitching together three wide angle photos. © Frank Simpson


To use the gallery, click any image in the gallery. Navigate between photos using the left and right arrow keys, or by clicking or tapping the arrows on the left and right. Click “view full size” below any image to see the photo directly outside the gallery.

Photos from the street…

“Street Photography” is a style or type of documentary photography “…that features subjects in candid situations within public places such as streets, parks, beaches, malls.”–Wikipedia  Also see What is Street Photography for another view on the subject.

Frequently, street photographers are not “discovered” until well after their demise. See Vivian Maier

Whatever Street Photography may be, I offer five new “street” photos for your amusement. 

Note: Individual photos may be enlarged by clicking on them…

"Nope--Not Open" And when they are open, they simply move the "n" below the "e." Point Reyes Station, CA © Frank Simpson


"The Hitchhiker" Perhaps the glove owner was on a coffee break? Kentucky Street, Petaluma © Frank Simpson

"Vacancy" Is it descriptive or prescriptive? Would it have another meaning if it were a mortuary? Point Reyes Station, CA © Frank Simpson

"Flight of the Phoenix" Western Avenue, Petaluma. The illusion of the crow emerging from the graffiti tag is created by my luck in capturing the crow in flight at just the right moment. © Frank Simpson


"Secret Message" No I am not taking up the task of once again photographing graffiti tags. However,I did like this overall scene. © Frank Simpson




11 Photos for 11 11 11 Plus A Challenge

 To mark the Triple 11 day of 11-11-11, I posted a slideshow of 11 photos documenting scenes from Petaluma and Point Reyes Station at the end of this article. 

 I have selected three of the Petaluma photos from the slideshow for a “charity” challenge of sorts and posted them individually.

If you can correctly identify the scenes in any or all of the following three photos, send your answer to by November 15, 2011.

For each correct answer, I will donate $.22 (11 times 2)  each to COTS, Rebuilding Together Petaluma, The Petaluma Library, and the Petaluma Animal Shelter.


Photo #1


Photo #2

WHERE IS IT? WHAT IS IT? (Click to Enlarge)

 Photo #3

WHERE IS IT? WHAT IS IT? (Click to Enlarge)

 Answers will be posted here on November 17, 2011!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Note: To stop the slideshow and focus on a particular photo, simply place the cursor over the slideshow frame or window.

RTP’s OCTOBER WORKDAY…October 15, 2011

On October 15, 2011, approximately 180 volunteers from Rebuilding Together Petaluma (RTP) along with sponsoring organizations and contributing businesses (Sears Operation Rebuild, Clover Stornetta, The Petaluma Kiwanis Club, The Petaluma Host Lions Club, SC Barns, CWC Construction, The Garden Tender, U.S Coast Guard, The Floor Works, Tresch Apples and Redwood Empire Disposal)  donated their time and expertise to improve our community. The “Let’s Just Fix It!” effort on October 15 concentrated on eight of Petaluma’s parks and public areas. In addition, volunteers helped two disabled veterans with much needed home repairs.

Before releasing you to the slideshow, a loud HUZZAH! is in order for Joan Bunn who covered a lot of ground–literally–in making the majority of the photographs included in the slideshow.


To activate the gallery, click on any image.

You can navigate between photos using the left and right arrow keys, or by clicking or tapping the arrows on the left and right.

Cars…Chrome…Redux American Graffiti

Selected photos from the recent “Salute to American Graffiti” in Petaluma on May 20 & 21, 2011

If I had a favorite car from the many that were on display, I would go for this 1951 Mercury coupe owned by Jim & Margaret Reeser of Santa Rosa, CA…

Of course, this American Automobile Icon is a strong contender…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Ski Petaluma!

Winter storms in the coastal areas of Northern California usually generate lots of rain…sometimes more than too much.

At times the conditions are just right for snow at the “higher” elevations of the coastal ranges. These photos, of course, were taken from a “lower” elevation in Prince Park on the east side of Petaluma yesterday morning.


A Petaluma Street Scene

A photographer referred me to a photo contest in London inviting submissions of street scenes from around the world…the Street Photography Now Project.

Of course I only have a few thousand photos of local graffiti, garbage, potholes, and abandoned shopping carts. Placing my tongue firmly in cheek, I decided that such photos are all too common throughout the world. 

After careful deliberation and a review of photos already submitted by others, I selected this scene from Petaluma’s Putnam Plaza for submission…