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Community Bulletin Board…Up Close & Macro!

The community bulletin board in Point Reyes Station, CA is a source of local advertising, announcements, and…messages. The postings change regularly, not unlike the tides of the ocean.

Point Reyes Station Community Bulletin & Message Board

Point Reyes Station Community Bulletin & Message Board

For this submission I offer a photo gallery of close up views of the board focusing on the pins and staples from previous postings.


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Summertime…Macros in the Garden

No, Macros are not a specialized or exotic plant or some strange plant killing varmit–just close-ups of scenes in our garden, or, if you will…Habitat. There is one photo I want to highlight…

© Frank Simpson
To the “naked eye” the tiny blue bud appears as a speck on the stem of the verbena. Frankly I thought it was a piece of dirt or some tiny mite.  Instead of brushing it off, I got the camera. Click on the photo to enlarge.
The rest of the photos in the slideshow should not require further explanation.  However, if you have questions post them.

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