A flower by any other name…

…may be…could be…a weed!

The above notwithstanding, even weeds have their moments in the garden…


The flowers are spectacular and turn into seed clusters the size of tennis balls…


With a little finesse, I managed to peek inside the seed cluster…


READER NOTE: Since posting I’ve learned that the plant in question may be a wildflower varietal known as Goat’s Beard.  If you can identify or clarify, feel free to post a comment!

CornerStone Sonoma…whimsical landscapes, gardens and shops

Frances RIvetti’s March article about Cornerstone Sonoma (Click on>>Inspirational Gardens of the World’s Finest Landscape Artists and Designers – Cornerstone, Sonoma) inspired me to make another visit to check out Cornerstone for new photo ops.

Of course, there were changes since my last visit in 2010. Alas, the Blue Tree is no longer there and my only memory of it is documented in What the…??? A Blue Tree!!! 

But the spirit continues to operate in full force…


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Summertime…Macros in the Garden

No, Macros are not a specialized or exotic plant or some strange plant killing varmit–just close-ups of scenes in our garden, or, if you will…Habitat. There is one photo I want to highlight…

© Frank Simpson
To the “naked eye” the tiny blue bud appears as a speck on the stem of the verbena. Frankly I thought it was a piece of dirt or some tiny mite.  Instead of brushing it off, I got the camera. Click on the photo to enlarge.
The rest of the photos in the slideshow should not require further explanation.  However, if you have questions post them.

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While I promised to cease posting photos of bees feasting on our blooms, I said nothing about butterflies!

I can’t say that I intended to photograph a butterfly as they are notoriously people and camera shy. In this instance, I happened to be working in the garden and was fortunate to make this photo before it flew away…

If there is a lesson in this photograph, it is to always have a camera ready!

The Gardener’s Boots…

A few days ago I visited the St. James Community Garden to “capture” some of the volunteers in action.

The scene below, while not depicting activity, does, in a sense, suggest it…

For those interested in seeing the gardeners in action,  Click On>> St. James…Garden Harvest