Climb any Mountain (Sunflower)

This will be the last bee photo—for this year.

Many of the sunflowers have turned to seed and it is now time for the birds to begin their feast. 

I included this bee photo for the detail of the legs and feet. The bee looks ever so much like a mountain climber. To the bee, I suppose the sunflower is a climbing challenge…

If you click on the photo, a larger version should appear on your screen. Depending on your browser, if you click again, it may get even larger.

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Sunflower “Cream” The color…

The usual expectation for sunflowers is some shade of yellow. There are also orange and red varieties. 

Early this morning, I was checking to see if any of our “reds” were blooming–they’re late this year–and found this instead…

Fortunately, there are several buds on this stock so I should have no trouble collecting seeds. I may call it the “Eggnog” Sunflower!