WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge–Anticipation

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge–Anticipation

This week we are asked to “…share a photo that says anticipation.”

For this I offer photos of part of the crowd in San Francisco last Sunday…dscf7500webdscf7503aweb

Awaiting opening of the gates to see Cirque Du Soleil’s “Luzia”

For other submissions to this challenge go to– Anticipation

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Coping with difficult lighting

The reality of making pictures is that most of us are never at the right place at the right time.  Well, we try to be, but frequently event schedules and the timing for good lighting do not always coincide.

For example, if the entrance to the Cirque du Soleil tent in San Francisco is facing a late afternoon sun and all you have is a little pocket camera, you have to deal with it…and hope for the best in post processing. In this case, I opted for B&W with a lot of tuning…

Cirque Du Soleil Tent, San Francisco 2011 © Frank Simpson
Foggy days over San Fancisco Bay are the norm.  However, in this instance the sun punched a small hole through the fog, lighting up the green sail… 

Tiburon on San Francisco Bay © Frank Simpson

The Bee’s Yellow Leggings

My earlier bee photos caught them sampling the local verbena.  These two photos document their appearance after they have spent some time checking out our sunflower forest.  This also means that it is later in the day. Therefore, I was not able to get as “close” as I did with the verbena photos. Bees are a tad camera shy.

The yellow pollen quickly builds up, making them looking ever so much as if they were cast members or clowns in a Cirque du Soleil performance…

Pollen from “head to toe” and back again…