Downtown…Photo Grid


The “Bovine Photo Grid”

Starting at the Bovine Bakery, walking down Kentucky to East Washington, returning to the Putnam Plaza walkway, strolling Petaluma Blvd between East Washington & Western Avenue, and then down to Water Street and looping back to the McNear Building.  Of course, there were always a few “deviations” during each walk.


Photo grids have many definitions and applications. My concept of a photo grid was to cover the same territory on a regular basis to see what circumstance and lighting presented as possible subjects during each pass. Photo opportunities on the Bovine Photo Grid varied on each walk.

  • The project started on February 1, 2012 and ended on July 15, 2012. During this period I walked the “grid” 37 times and gathered over 1300 photos.
  • The walks were mostly in the early to mid morning hours, usually ending at 9:30 or 10:00 am. The one exception to the time period are the photos from the Art & Garden Festival, which were made later in the day.
  • The subjects or scenes were selected by lighting or whether something caught my attention.

This of course, led me to discover a few “hidden treasures” during my walks…namely the WPA murals in American Alley and the El Camino Mission Bell in Center Park.

The gallery below does not contain any WPA mural photos or Mission Bell photos. These topics have been covered to a fare thee well at American Alley and on Petaluma Patch Here & Here. Also see Frances Rivetti’s recent column on the WPA murals in the Argus-Courier. If there is a “theme” in the series, it would be daily life and scenes.  I also included a few photos from the recent Art & Garden Festival—one of many events that are held in Petaluma throughout the year.

PLEASE NOTE: The photos generated during this exercise are not a comprehensive photo survey of the area. Think of it instead as an eclectic photo documentary of a brief period in time. At some date in the distant future, the photos generated by this project may be found–on one of the moldy hard drives I leave behind. If they are discovered–and they can be read–I imagine people will be scratching their heads.  Truth to tell, they will most likely just disappear in the dustbin of history, as do most things.

Before turning you over to the gallery below, I would like to thank those who helped in the editing and choice of photos from the main inventory.  Being your own editor is impossible.  While I initially only wanted to select 20 or so photos, I was encouraged to expand the gallery.


The seventy-nine photos in the gallery were selected at random from project inventory.

Please note that the photos were reduced in resolution and size to fit the confines and space limitations of the site.  


To activate the gallery, click on any image.

You can navigate between photos using the left and right arrow keys, or by clicking or tapping the arrows on the left and right.

4 thoughts on “Downtown…Photo Grid

  1. Reminds me of a Photography School project I had—> Walk a route, then take a photo every 5 minutes. These are a nice set of Petaluma moments. BTW, I still have my turquoise portable TYPEWRITER!! /p


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