October Quarterly Report

The last quarter of the year begins today…causing me to generate my final post.

As to what I will do next year…WHO KNOWS 🙂


A few recent Images from my cameras that captured my eye & tickled my fancy…

I. Evidence of Global Warming In Our Family Room!

II. You Looking At Me!?!?

I didn’t poop on your car!! It was that crow!

III. Trespassers Beware!

IV. PRAYING MANTIS…Discovered While Pruning In The Back Garden…


All photos are of actual scenes.

  1. The first photo is of a novelty clock modeled after a Salvador Dali painting.
  2. The second photo is from our neighborhood.
  3. The third photo is from a local residential garden.This image was too offensive for Facebook’s robot censors so they blocked my posts!  I, in turn, returned the favor and quit FB!
  4. The Praying Mantis appeared out of nowhere while I was pruning.
  5. The Header Photo is a panorama shot of the interior of Rustic Burger in Petaluma.  A touch of New Orleans, if you will.
  6. Finally I offer a slideshow of the images below…in case you want to see them again!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Garden Spiders…

…a subject that is a bit creepy to some. However, I found that they make interesting subjects and they are particularly hard to capture given the lighting.  The sun has to be at just the right angle and often the time available to make a photo is quite short.

To lessen the “shock” that a close-up of a spider may cause, I will first start with part of a spider web photographed one early morning. The images you see in the water droplets are from the house across the street…

OK, now you are ready to see the spider…

How about one more…?


While I promised to cease posting photos of bees feasting on our blooms, I said nothing about butterflies!

I can’t say that I intended to photograph a butterfly as they are notoriously people and camera shy. In this instance, I happened to be working in the garden and was fortunate to make this photo before it flew away…

If there is a lesson in this photograph, it is to always have a camera ready!

Ladies in Red…Ladybugs, that is…

…and of course the ones featured here are orange…not red.  Just wanted to get your attention.

Although we do have red and green ones….

Now that we are going on three years of a “natural habitat” as opposed to a surburban lawn, we have quite a resident population of various bugs & birds.

The first ladybug is resting on the leaf of a red sunflower plant…

The next featured ladybug is strolling along a branch of a Bee’s Bliss sage…