Valentine’s Day…Downtown Petaluma…A Sweet Effort?

The WordPress Photo Challenge this week is to “show us something (or someone) sweet”

Just got back from my morning walk downtown…

Noticed that someone taped Valentine Hearts on many of the store fronts…

A Sweet effort is it not? Check out both slideshows below…

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Beloved Egret & Plastic Straw

The photo challenge this week is to present images of “…something that is beloved “

I love capturing images of Herons and Egrets along the Petaluma River on Water Street

The issue of plastic straws polluting our waterways has been in the news lately.

In going over my recent egret photos on the Petaluma River, I happened to notice a series of images documenting an Egret that was tempted by a straw…


Fortunately the wise & beloved Egret, being smarter than we humans, refused it…



Observe & Enjoy Positive Images In Silence

I invite everyone to take a silent moment to contemplate the employee volunteers (including family members in many cases) from Kaiser Permanente in Sonoma & Marin participating in this year’s MLK Day of Service at the Petaluma People Services Center and COTS Kids First Family Shelter.

TO VIEW EVEN MORE POSITIVE IMAGES…IN SILENCE…Go to Faces of Service–MLK Day 2018 in Petaluma


Petaluma’s Weathered Trestle

The Photo Challenge this week is to “…show us the effect of time and the elements.”

I offer images of an old (long out of service) railroad trestle on Water St. in Petaluma…

READERS PLEASE NOTE: This year I will not be entering the Photo Challenge every week.  I will post if something is in my current photo inventory that may be relevant and responsive to the challenge.


My Best Photo–2017

The challenge this week asks us to “…share your most meaningful photo from 2017….(not)… necessarily the ‘best’ photo you’ve taken this year…”

For me it is a photo made at the start of 2017— The MLK Day of Service in January.  The challenge was to capture 60 people carrying a large redwood beam up a hill.  I got ahead of them and took a position on the path.  The lighting options were terrible and my position was quite slippery.

I got one shot of them before sliding out of the way.  If you look carefully you will see all eyes focused on one point—ME…sliding out of their way after shooting the image.

I think of it as my Iwo Jima moment…but one better. The scene was not recreated for a photo–NO WAY were they going to do that again 🙂

MLK Day 2017

Serene…Serenity…An illusion?

                                                 Serenity can, at times, be illusory

This week we are asked to “…share a visual moment of blissful quiet.” Serene, or, serenity if you will…

So I offer this image…with an explanation of when and where it was taken immediately below the photo.

Date & Time–October 9, 2017 8:11 am

Location–My Front Yard.

Subject–First sunrise after the start of the Firestorms that consumed large portions of Sonoma and Napa Counties last month.  As you can see the smoke created a colorful superficially serene image.


A Rounded Cat

The photo challenge this week is to: “…share your take on ’rounded.’ it’s a broad theme, so I look forward to your personal interpretations, whether you choose to focus on a curving street, limbs caught mid-way through a dance, a bowl of fruit (think of all the round shapes!), or any other object, landscape, or texture that fits within your definition of the theme.”

I therefore offer an image of the resident cat napping at Copperfield’s Bookstore in Healdsburg, CA.

A rounded or curved feline, if you will. nicely framed by the rounded arms of the chair…


The Scale of Fire

The challenge this week is … “Scale:Experiment with placement and scale to show how big (or small) you can feel in a photo.”

As usual I will take advantage of the current situation here in Sonoma County Wildfire Country and literally interpret the challenge in a different way.

Landscape maintenance in smoke filled skies

Removing fuel debris from the wind gusts before the Northern California fires…

A small scale effort to prevent or minimize the chance of fire if sparks from surrounding fires descend from the skies…

Pedestrian Crossing…

This week’s photo challenge is: “Pedestrian or not? It’s up for your interpretation….What does pedestrian mean to you?”

I elect to take the challenge literally by offering a macro image of a white pedestrian crossing lane on Sonoma Mountain in Petaluma. What you are seeing are the tiny cracks and vegetation on the roadway…


A De-Layered Egret

This week’s photo challenge is Layered–the interplay of texture and depth.

  • We are asked to “…share a layered image of your own. The topic is wide open, as long as you focus on the interplay of depth, density, and texture (or just choose one of these elements if you’d like.”
  • I wasn’t quite sure how, or even if, I would submit anything until I noted this in the challenge text “… how even a faint breeze could transform the water’s texture, and how its jade-smooth color played against the weathered planks of a footbridge.”

So I present an Egret from the Petaluma River being “de-layered” by the wind 🙂

A classic “bad hair” day…

Unusual Sunflower Bloom Structure!

This year I have well over 200 sunflower blooms in the garden–yellow, red, red-yellow, Honey Bears, Great Russians, etc.

One bloom in particular has fascinated me by its Structure …

Petals in the middle of the bloom???

A Sunflower Bronx Cheer??

If anyone can explain it PLEASE DO!!  Gardeners…PLEASE answer!!



WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge–Ooh Shiny!

This week we are asked to submit photos to illustrate what distracts us. Specifically, we are asked “…what is guaranteed to distract you? What is your “Ooh, shiny! ”?

For me the list of distractions is too long….and ever growing!

But I offer two recent images from Bodega Head captured while we were on a hike in the area…

Yup,  what you are seeing are people descending the cliff…with no climbing gear….

Clearly distracting but capturing our full attention

To get a full perspective of  height and size of the cliff, go to Bodega Head…A Slippery Slope 🙂 ?


Elemental…Sunflower Groves

The WordPress Photo Challenge this week is elemental wherein we are invited to explore “…the elements of earth, air, water, and fire through the landscapes that surround us…or, more personally, is there a place you go to feel connected to the earth?”

I offer what, for me, is elemental at this time of the year in our gardens…my home at home 🙂


Click On Any Image To Open The Gallery


An Unusual Photo Challenge?

This week we are challenged to “…post a photo that is unusual in some way for you, whether it be through technique, by subject, or in some other unique way.”

Hmmm! I could argue that all of my photos are unusual in some way 🙂

But I will tender this composite photo of a beach scene in Sausalito…

P.S.–I have no idea what they were doing…or why!

Photos Are Transient

This week we are asked to “…show us your perception of transient.” Suggestions on the theme included “…a leather-skinned motorcyclist riding across South America…it’s a seed carried on a bird’s wing…Maybe your photo is not of a person or an object but depicts the state of impermanence.”

Frankly I can’t think of anything more transient than a photograph…particularly in this digital age when hard drives crash and cellphones are lost with wedding photos on them.

Prints are only slightly less transient if properly stored in archives…

Otherwise they are doomed to slowly fade away…



Focus! What’s That?

This week’s challenge asks us to “…show us your favorite in-focus and out-of-focus moments.”

A few days ago we were leaving the house and I noticed what I thought was an unusual dragonfly on the Verbena.

So I popped off a couple of quick shots before getting into the car…

  • One in FOCUS (mostly)…

  • And then one of the Dragonfly staring back at me as the wind changed before the macro could adjust…

A Cat’s Order of Things?

This week we are challenged to “…share your take on order, whether literal, figurative, or anything in between (and sure — showing it next to a healthy dose of messiness is fine, too).

I could submit a photo of the archive room at our local library. But that is too easy.

I therefore offer an image of Feline Leaf Order…