Halloween Sonoma Style…



“Sunflower ground forces vs. pumpkin storm troopers”–Petaluma Pete


From ghoulies…

 And ghosties…

 And long-leggedy beasties…

And things that go bump in the night…

 Good Lord, deliver us!

Happy Halloween! 

NOTES: All photos, Sonoma County October 2010 © Frank Simpson:

  • The palm tree is in front of City Hall in Sonoma. 
  • The interior entryway scene is from the Lanmart Building in Petaluma.
  • The caped figure and pumpkin scenes are from Petaluma’s Adobe Pumpkin Farm
  • The remaining scenes are on a beach north of Bodega Bay
  • “Happy Halloween” graphics by Barbara Simpson
  • “Things that go bump in the night” text is usually identified as a Scottish Proverb. Also see: “The earliest known example of the phrase in print is 1918 in the Bulletin of the School Oriental and African Studies: ‘To a people … who … believe in genii, ghosts, goblins, and those terrific things that ‘go bump in the night’, protective charms are eagerly sought for.'” 
  • The subtitile to the sunflowers/pumpkin photo provided by Petaluma Pete a.k.a. John Maher


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