Finally 2021!


Fires…Covid Pandemic…Stay at Home Orders (Unless your home burned in the fires)…Power Shutdowns… Social & Political Unrest…The Election!! 

To borrow from an old Roy Clark song: Dear 2020–“Thank God & Greyhound You’re Gone.”


May 2021 bring us more positive images such as this from our front yard…

 And Please…No more Wildfires in 2021…

Covid Vaccinations have started. Hooray! But note that it will take months for it to be distributed  and we must be patient for it to have the necessary effect to protect all of us. In the meantime, please continue to wear your masks in 2021 until advised they are no longer necessary—They are the best guarantee for a future without masks!!!!!

In making the transition to the New Year I offer this thought from a friend: “To all, stay healthy, Enjoy what you have and those with whom you have it.

In closing, I offer this message from a sign on a local business:

“Dear 2021: It’s a low bar. You’ve got this.”

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