Life Cycle Of A Sunflower…Almost Human


First post of my photo blog relaunch for 2019! My intention is to post at least once a quarter so at the very least the next one will appear on April 1, 2019.  Of course, given that is April Fool’s Day it will have to be a special one :-)!


A Russian Honey Bear Young & In Full Bloom

August 10 2018

Diameter–Almost 11 Inches Surveying Its Sunflower Domain…

Early September Birds And My Finger Revealed A Middle Aged Sunflower

In October The Face Revealed A Senior Citizen

SlideShow Documenting The Aging Process 

10/21/18 Through 11/19/18

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Finally…December 1, 2018

READER NOTE–This is another in a series of photos over the years documenting my sunflower efforts.  The flower featured here was an afterthought in the planting season.  As it happened, it turned out to be the star flower of the 100 or so planted…NOT TO TAKE ANYTHING AWAY FROM THE OTHERS!! 🙂