Beloved Egret & Plastic Straw

The photo challenge this week is to present images of “…something that is beloved “

I love capturing images of Herons and Egrets along the Petaluma River on Water Street

The issue of plastic straws polluting our waterways has been in the news lately.

In going over my recent egret photos on the Petaluma River, I happened to notice a series of images documenting an Egret that was tempted by a straw…


Fortunately the wise & beloved Egret, being smarter than we humans, refused it…



Observe & Enjoy Positive Images In Silence

I invite everyone to take a silent moment to contemplate the employee volunteers (including family members in many cases) from Kaiser Permanente in Sonoma & Marin participating in this year’s MLK Day of Service at the Petaluma People Services Center and COTS Kids First Family Shelter.

TO VIEW EVEN MORE POSITIVE IMAGES…IN SILENCE…Go to Faces of Service–MLK Day 2018 in Petaluma


Petaluma’s Weathered Trestle

The Photo Challenge this week is to “…show us the effect of time and the elements.”

I offer images of an old (long out of service) railroad trestle on Water St. in Petaluma…

READERS PLEASE NOTE: This year I will not be entering the Photo Challenge every week.  I will post if something is in my current photo inventory that may be relevant and responsive to the challenge.