My Best Photo–2017

The challenge this week asks us to “…share your most meaningful photo from 2017….(not)… necessarily the ‘best’ photo you’ve taken this year…”

For me it is a photo made at the start of 2017— The MLK Day of Service in January.  The challenge was to capture 60 people carrying a large redwood beam up a hill.  I got ahead of them and took a position on the path.  The lighting options were terrible and my position was quite slippery.

I got one shot of them before sliding out of the way.  If you look carefully you will see all eyes focused on one point—ME…sliding out of their way after shooting the image.

I think of it as my Iwo Jima moment…but one better. The scene was not recreated for a photo–NO WAY were they going to do that again 🙂

MLK Day 2017