Serene…Serenity…An illusion?

                                                 Serenity can, at times, be illusory

This week we are asked to “…share a visual moment of blissful quiet.” Serene, or, serenity if you will…

So I offer this image…with an explanation of when and where it was taken immediately below the photo.

Date & Time–October 9, 2017 8:11 am

Location–My Front Yard.

Subject–First sunrise after the start of the Firestorms that consumed large portions of Sonoma and Napa Counties last month.  As you can see the smoke created a colorful superficially serene image.


A Leaf Transformed…into…an image

The Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is to…”share a photo that embodies Transformation.”

So I present an image of a stain left by a leaf on the sidewalk in Sonoma Plaza after a rain.  It is a transformation or a transfer, if you will…