Focus! What’s That?

This week’s challenge asks us to “…show us your favorite in-focus and out-of-focus moments.”

A few days ago we were leaving the house and I noticed what I thought was an unusual dragonfly on the Verbena.

So I popped off a couple of quick shots before getting into the car…

  • One in FOCUS (mostly)…

  • And then one of the Dragonfly staring back at me as the wind changed before the macro could adjust…

8 thoughts on “Focus! What’s That?

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  2. I clicked your gravatar, it didn’t take me to your blog site. Maybe you haven’t link you gravatar with your blog site URL. I did a search on Google to find you blog.


    • Trying to determine how to do that. Thought it was. If you have any ideas where I do it…let me know 🙂


      • I did it a few years ago, can’t remember… but you can go to WP support to search or to post a question, you’ll get help immediately.


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