Repurposed Waste & Reflections

The challenge this week is to show an image of “…something that you’ve recycled or repurposed, or an object for which you’ve discovered a clever new use.”

Each week we fill up the Blue Recycle Can but it just too boring to show a pix of a can…or its contents.

Instead I opt for an image of the Recycle Truck headed up The 101!

Note the reflections of the Sonoma County Hills on the back of the Recycle Truck…


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A Graceful Night Heron

For this week we are invited to submit an image to “…show us something that exists harmoniously with its surroundings.”

In response, I submit a composite image of a Night Heron—that now hangs on my wall as a metal print.

Night Heron B St & Petaluma River

Night Heron B St & Petaluma River

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The atmosphere of one’s surrounding environment–Ambience

The WordPress Photo Challenge this week is to present images reflecting the Ambience of our surrounding environment.

Ambience, like beauty, may be in the eye of the beholder…Photographer.

Of late I have been occupied with small or macro ambience scenes in my environment…such as a leaf mysteriously suspended in mid air on the façade of a building on Petaluma’s 4th St…held in place by the smallest strand of a cobweb.


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