Victory of the Human Spirit–Paris to Petaluma CA

November 14 2015–We were walking down American Alley towards Putnam Plaza in the afternoon.

The outdoor tables and benches were full of people enjoying the day and their meals. The Plaza was packed with people…eating, sitting, walking through, etc. A scene that was perhaps not unlike that in Paris just before the terrorist attacks the night before…


The music from an accordion player in the Plaza filled the air…

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Then I saw the flag behind her…


Second Submission for the current Photo Challenge–Victory

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge–Ornate

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge–Ornate

This week…”Embrace the breathtakingly extravagant.”

In response I offer two images…

An elaborate two story mural just completed in Petaluma’s American Alley as part of the project work of the O+Festival 

By the bye, the artist used spray paint to create this work.

American Alley & Western Avenue, Petaluma CA

American Alley & Western Avenue, Petaluma CA

Plus an image of one of the gargoyles that adorn the historic US Post Office in Downtown Petaluma

Historic Post Office, Petaluma CA

Historic Post Office, Petaluma CA