WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge–Muse

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge–Muse

The subject that keeps me coming back for more photos.

Interesting challenge. I do have several scenes and locations that are favorite photo shoots

But, to be totally honest, I really favor documenting the various local volunteers in our community…

Cots Workiday Collage

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge–Colors of the Rainbow a.k.a. ROY G. BIV

Colors of the Rainbow a.k.a. ROY G. BIV

Pondering whether or not this challenge would stop me from my goal of a submission each week for 2015

Obviously I cannot submit a B & W print…So I offer a composite image of jelly beans and a poppy

Composite--jelly beans & a poppy

Composite–jelly beans & a poppy

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge–Off-Season

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Off-Season

Up front I will admit that I cannot comply with the challenge this week.  Frankly our seasons in Northern California have been off-kilter for quite some time leaving me with no reference point!

At least I can offer an example of an “Off-Day” for the owner of what is left of this bicycle…

Water St, Petaluma CA

Water St, Petaluma CA