WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge–On the Way

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge– On the Way

Last January I was on my way to a photo shoot for Martin Luther King Birthday Volunteer Day for Kaiser Permanente Volunteers.

The destination was in the far West County area of Marin & Sonoma Counties.

My arrival was delayed slightly so I could capture these old farm vehicles on the side of the road…

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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge–Broken

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge–Broken

Alas I had many candidates for this challenge…I decided to offer a newspaper box…suffering the indignities of urban life!

Also perhaps an inadvertent pictorial metaphor for the state of news papers today ūüė¶

First the lock is broken…

Lock Busted

Lock Busted

¬†Then the door is broken…

Door Busted

Door Busted

Weekly Photo Challenge–Intricate

For this week’s challenge–Intricate

I offer a second entry as my first entry apparently did not take this morning.  Apparently the system does not like more than one pingback

Somewhere in Santa Rosa, California there exists a collection of very intricate public murals…Marked by an ordinary street sign and a fountain.

This image is but a small sample from the many¬†mural panels…

Jeju Way

Jeju Way

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge–Intricate

Weekly Photo Challenge for Intricate‚Äď To See Other Submissions click HERE

In response to this week’s challenge I offer images from portions of ¬†two very large scale public murals in Santa Rosa, California.

I hope I captured the intricate nature of the murals with these two “sample” images.

For more images and the intricate (if not mysterious) story behind these almost hidden murals, such as I was able to retrieve it, go to Do You Know The Way To Jeju Way? If So, Have You Seen The Jeju Way Murals?