WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge–Ephemeral

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Ripples in  the water—about as ephemeral as I can think of at the moment!

Petaluma River

Petaluma River


Petaluma Host Lions Club–2015 Food Festival

Petaluma’s Food Wine & Craft Beer Festival

Presented by Petaluma Host Lions on March 14, 2015 at the Petaluma Veterans Memorial building


Proceeds from this annual event  benefit the High Schools through Project Graduation



Entertainment was provided by the Tomales High Pan Band.

And yes they were really excellent!

Tomales High Pan Band

Tomales High Pan Band

A Slideshow to give you a taste of the event!

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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge–Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?

Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?

Now this was a challenge. Could not quite decide what to submit but settled on a series of photos of earthquake anchor bolts in brick walls. The color of the brick or stucco varies from red to orange or even red-orange.  Depends upon your eye, lighting conditions and the settings on your monitor, I suppose.

Earthquake anchor bolts are quite common on older buildings with brick facades.  They are supposed to keep the walls from falling down in an earthquake…or so the story goes


Anchor  Bolt

Anchor Bolt

Anchor Bolt

Anchor Bolt

Anchor Bolts

Anchor Bolts

2015–Looking ahead…

I’ve been contemplating changes in how…and when…I publish and also trying to determine the future use of my two Blogs (The Petaluma Spectator and THE PETALUMA SPECTATOR PHOTO BLOG)

Initially I thought I would merge them or just delete one of them.

However, I have decided to dedicate the future use of the “Photo Blog” for submissions to the Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge.  In fact I have been trying it out for  the last few months and think it is perfect for that purpose.


  • There will be no more direct e-mail announcements about posts to the “Photo Blog” as the traffic from participation in the  weekly photo challenge will keep me sufficiently occupied.
  • If you already subscribe to the photo blog or follow it, nothing will change.  You will get your notifications as before.
  • Note that this not apply to The Petaluma Spectator as it has its own set of followers and subscribers.
  • Each weekly challenge post on the “Photo Blog” will also contain a link to the complete collection of WordPress weekly photo challenge posts from around the world.
  • If you wish, you can follow by simply bookmarking the “Photo Blog” link and checking in every Friday or Saturday to see what is new…if anything. Bookmark Link THE PETALUMA SPECTATOR PHOTO BLOG)

As to how I am going to utilize my other blog (The Petaluma Spectator), has yet to be determined. Given the realities of small screen viewing I have already decided to forego future large galleries in favor of one to three photos a post.  These are easier to view on a tablet or phone.

Inspiration will save me, I’m sure  🙂