Film Shield (Remember Film?)

To celebrate the New Year, I decided to clean out a closet and found many interesting relics from the past…particularly old film gear.

Back in the day, as we geezers are prone to say, photographers had to protect film from airport x-ray machines.  Oh, to be sure, one could always hand their camera to the guard instead of passing it through the machines.  But if you had several rolls of exposed film (Those under 40, please check Google to learn about photographic film) it was best to pack it in a special bag that, in theory, protected it from x-rays.

We never had that problem as we toured on motorcycles and kept the film in insulated bags.

Nonetheless, I found that I had acquired a Film Shield Bag just in case we ever got on an airplane with exposed film…

Film Shield

Film Shield

Film Shield

Film Shield

 I can report that such bags are still sold for those who still use film! They also may be useful in shielding your Smartphone from GPS tracking 🙂


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