Payphone…May it RIP

Although long out of service and hanging in place as a decaying artifact from another time, this abandoned payphone in Petaluma caught my attention as a “photo op”…

Payphone  DSCF5569WEB

in the morning light when for a few moments, a “ghostly” outline of the missing handset was highlighted though the side of the unit…

Payphone 2 DSCF5574aWEB Payphone  DSCF5575RAWWEB





3 thoughts on “Payphone…May it RIP

  1. Frank: Not only are these a thing of the past but the phone booths that we used in our early years and that college students stuffed with people are so long gone that today’s young would know what they are or were! Donna


    • Wait until you see my next post on pay phones…Have a booth with a ROTARY DIAL payphone. Imagine the confusion the rotary dial would present to those under 40 🙂


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