Scenes about (Petaluma) town…

When out and about with camera in the role of ersatz street photographer, I have found that one does not always encounter the best lighting and sometimes I defer making a photo. But there are also times when you can capture scenes that are otherwise unsuitable for photos by concentrating on areas that have “suitable” lighting…or scenes where for a moment, the building colors take on a special tone as the sun recedes.

I offer the gallery below for your consideration…

Photo Gallery

(Click on any photo to open the collage to see full sized photos)

3 thoughts on “Scenes about (Petaluma) town…

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  2. This is what I miss about not living with a photographer (well that and the GMC) — seeing photos he could take — will get back on track before San Antonio in October. There for a minute I thought you had found gargoyles — would you BELIEVE Bradley’s new mascot??!!


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