Good Morning…from up in the trees!

And so it was one morning in the ‘Hood as I went outside to check on the gardens…I heard a very distinct, “Good morning!”

I looked around but could not detect the source of the greeting.

Then I looked up…a hundred feet up, to be precise…to a Monterey Pine, a few houses up the street.

A tree service company crew was engaged in removing five of the tall trees from a backyard, which was no small feat given the proximity of the other homes and the size of the trees. On and off for the next two days, we observed what I call an aerial act involving ropes, cables and saws as the trees were taken down.

We were  impressed with the precision and team work of the project.   A few photos in the slideshow and gallery below will give you an idea of the process.

And yes, we did hire them to do some overdue tree pruning in our yard!


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