Iris & Tilly…Signs of Spring!

The Color of Spring this year is purple, orange, yellow, white, brown and black.  Let me explain.

Quite a few years ago a friend gave us a few iris bulbs. We were not particularly quick in getting them into the ground but finally did so over a year ago. At first they produced a few white blooms.  Then this year…

Iris (Purple, Orange, Yellow & White)

© Frank Simpson

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While photographing the Iris, a neighbor came over to introduce us to her new seven week old Doberman.

Tilly (Black & Brown)

© Frank Simpson

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One thought on “Iris & Tilly…Signs of Spring!

  1. My iris are beautiful now, a little behind yours. Must say I like that dog — she’ll be a good one — my mother’s nickname was Tillie (maiden name Tillman) and she was a great one!


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