Sun Star…8 Minutes 19 Seconds From Earth

At the speed of light, it takes 8 minutes and 19 seconds for light (energy, if you are thinking solar power) to reach the earth from our sun.  In photography, the general rule or thumb is to keep the sun at your back and to avoid or minimize taking photos in full sunlight. 

But rules are meant to be broken, even if by accident. 

Recently, I was on the Bodega Head Trail and a jet contrail caught my attention.  I decided to take a quick shot, hoping that the distortion created by shooting into the sun could be minimized by keeping the sun off to the side. 

The resulting image?  Colored “sunbeams” (distortions or artifacts created by the direct light passing through the elements of the lens) streaking down to earth…


  • Location: Bodega Head
  • Camera: Fuji HS20EXR
  • F-Stop f/8
  • Exposure: 1/800 sec
  • ISO–100
  • Focal Length: 5 mm
  • Time of Day: 3:11 pm
  • Post Production: Adjustments in saturation and contrast only.  All other “distortions” retained


Graffiti Trail…a.k.a. Lynch Creek

The newly paved portion of the Lynch Creek Trail between Maria and Sonoma Mountain has acquired quite a collection of gang tags. I used to follow the graffiti trails around Petaluma but gave it up out of boredom. Too much of the same o’ same o.’  The scene on the trail this morning was hard to ignore–even for a reformed Graffiti Paparazzi.

So I pulled out my little pocket camera to capture the scenes as I rode along.

For readers outside of Petaluma, don’t be misled by the word trail.  In reality, it is a newly paved path running next to a residential area.


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Photos from the street…

“Street Photography” is a style or type of documentary photography “…that features subjects in candid situations within public places such as streets, parks, beaches, malls.”–Wikipedia  Also see What is Street Photography for another view on the subject.

Frequently, street photographers are not “discovered” until well after their demise. See Vivian Maier

Whatever Street Photography may be, I offer five new “street” photos for your amusement. 

Note: Individual photos may be enlarged by clicking on them…

"Nope--Not Open" And when they are open, they simply move the "n" below the "e." Point Reyes Station, CA © Frank Simpson


"The Hitchhiker" Perhaps the glove owner was on a coffee break? Kentucky Street, Petaluma © Frank Simpson

"Vacancy" Is it descriptive or prescriptive? Would it have another meaning if it were a mortuary? Point Reyes Station, CA © Frank Simpson

"Flight of the Phoenix" Western Avenue, Petaluma. The illusion of the crow emerging from the graffiti tag is created by my luck in capturing the crow in flight at just the right moment. © Frank Simpson


"Secret Message" No I am not taking up the task of once again photographing graffiti tags. However,I did like this overall scene. © Frank Simpson