RTP’s OCTOBER WORKDAY…October 15, 2011

On October 15, 2011, approximately 180 volunteers from Rebuilding Together Petaluma (RTP) along with sponsoring organizations and contributing businesses (Sears Operation Rebuild, Clover Stornetta, The Petaluma Kiwanis Club, The Petaluma Host Lions Club, SC Barns, CWC Construction, The Garden Tender, U.S Coast Guard, The Floor Works, Tresch Apples and Redwood Empire Disposal)  donated their time and expertise to improve our community. The “Let’s Just Fix It!” effort on October 15 concentrated on eight of Petaluma’s parks and public areas. In addition, volunteers helped two disabled veterans with much needed home repairs.

Before releasing you to the slideshow, a loud HUZZAH! is in order for Joan Bunn who covered a lot of ground–literally–in making the majority of the photographs included in the slideshow.


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