Tasting Petaluma…

Recently, I was invited to a preview tour of some of the eateries and restaurants participating in the upcoming Taste of Petaluma to he held on August 27, 2011.

Now I am not one experienced in the art of food writing–frankly, I thought they confused me with someone else when extending the invitation. 

So I went. 

Now, I am not going to attempt to describe the various offerings, and I certainly will not name any of the establishments except to say that they were all very hospitable, not to mention enjoyable. I can report that there are two that I will definitely go back to…which, I suppose is the overall purpose of the main event on August 27th.

Of course I took a camera and made several photos. One series focused on the table…and hands. I could not resist playing with them and creating a few collages and composites.  Think of it as an exercise in photo illustration.

© Frank Simpson


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One thought on “Tasting Petaluma…

  1. Makes me want to be there…

    Incidentally, if you’re ever back in the Midwest for any length of time, I’ve spent time recently in two areas I consider photographers’ dreams. Away from all the commercial draws, Wisconsin Dells is of course “a given,” however Baraboo WI, the home of Ringling Brothers Circus and it’s museum, park, etc. is a beautiful location along a lovely river. As soon as I learn to forward pics from my new digital camera, will share. The other is Quincy IL, where my parents met and many relatives live — beautiful Mississippi River with impressive bridge and outstanding architecture.

    August 31 I’m off to NYC!


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