Cars…Chrome…Symbols Of Our Past

Car shows, period & antique, are part of our culture in California. Photos in this post are from the May 7, 2011 Petaluma Plazarama show. The photos are not of the “traditional” type, focusing instead on the shapes, symbols, and chrome that once were trademarks of American automobiles.

For the record, the “star bursts” on some of the photos were not added in post production editing. As the photos were taken midday, I had to struggle to lower or control the reflections and still produce useful images…in the camera.

1956 Ford Fairlane

Ford Truck

1948 Hudson

Retired Tour Bus from Glacier National Park


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4 thoughts on “Cars…Chrome…Symbols Of Our Past

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  2. Always enjoy “walks down memory lane” — appreciate your blogs.

    Spring has finally come to the Midwest — hurray!


  3. Frank, I just came acros your site or blog? I am enjoying your pictures and comments very much



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