Charley My Boy…

The assignment in a photography class I am currently taking is to make a portrait.  I opted to attempt a portrait of Charley, our neighbor’s 12 week old Chesapeake/Labrador Retriever.  Puppies, by definition, are a bundle of energy and Charley was no exception. He was all over the place–inside, outside, running out of range, licking the camera, jumping into my lap. In other words, pure puppy.

I somehow managed to capture a few images that I will submit this week…

This “photo” session triggered an old memory, a song I remember hearing over and over again on the radio as a child…

(Ted Fiorito / Gus Kahn) 1924

“Charley by boy, oh Charley my boy
You thrill me, you kill me with shivers of joy
You’ve got the kind of, sort of, wonderful ways
That makes me, takes me, tell me what shall I say?”




3 thoughts on “Charley My Boy…

  1. Great pics. Charley is a “Chesador”, in otherwords, 1/2 Chesapeake Bay Retriever, 1/2 Choc Lab., and 100 % full puppy. He has gone from 8 wks at 13 lbs to 12 wks at 23 lbs. We’re afraid to think about next week. He should reach about 80 lbs. but we hope it won’t happen too soon. We do realize he has to grow into his feet.


    • Thanks for the clarification as to breed. I looked it up and there it was–Chesador. Complete with pixs. By the bye, the pix I love is the one of “Princess Baby Rascal, the Chesador.”


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