A Yucca Study

The Yucca can be quite ordinary in appearance. Frankly, most people probably pay little attention to them, except perhaps when they bloom. 

There are two schools of thought on whether you should allow them to bloom as they usually die afterwards, unless a secondary plant is generated in the process. 

After two years, our plant sent up a bloom and we decided to let it proceed. This photo collage documents its development, not to mention recording the presence of a snail moving along the razor-sharp leaves of the plant…

I decided to risk the points and edges of the leaves—what the heck, if the snail can make it, so can I–and attempt to get a closer look at the individual blooms that make up the stalk cluster.

As the blooms faced the ground, I had to navigate the leaves and maneuver the camera into position to get a few shots into the early morning sky…


One thought on “A Yucca Study

  1. You never know exactly what is waiting inside a flower until you get a close up and quite often you have a real surprise waiting to be seen.


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