Lock In The Rubble

Next to the Petaluma Arts Center there is a large corporation yard that contains a certain amount of rubble.  While walking through the yard in search of possible images, I came across a large steel beam wedged against a piece of concrete. Where the two pieces joined, I noted a padlock sitting in a pool of rainwater.

The only alteration to the photo was to add an internal frame.

Suspended Animation

Over the years I have photographed hundreds of abandoned shopping carts throughout Petaluma’s landscape. This photo was taken on the Lynch Creek Trail with no thought given to composition, etc.  It was just a quick point and shoot. Frankly, I barely remember taking the shot.

It was when I finally downloaded it that I realized that it was a tad unusual.

The cart was in the water but for some reason (the early morning light, the fog, whatever) it appears to be suspended in mid-air.

UPDATE JANUARY 28, 2011: An explanation for the “illusion” has recently been offered by a photographer: “The cart is submerged on it’s side, and so you are getting half of the real cart, and half of its reflection in the water. The really cool thing is that the cart has to be EXACTLY halfway submerged to look like it’s symmetrical. Some of my best photos have been taken accidentally too.”